Kyle Farbman

Kyle is a retired U.S. Army bandsman/trumpet player.  While at each duty station (both at home and abroad), Kyle has maintained a private trumpet studio, working with students from local schools, as well as adults.  His students have consistently outperformed their peers in local and regional competitive performances.

 Kyle believes that the skills developed by young musicians are more than just musical skills; the intentional and progressive mastery of any skill, through focus on its fundamentals, builds problem solving skills, discipline, time management, and confidence/independence that applies to life-long learning and success.

Kyle teaches brass instruments.

Ken Hanson

Ken Hanson is a retired band director with over fifty years of teaching experience.  His BME degree was obtained at Milton College, with additional credits taken towards a Master's degree at the University of Whitewater-Wisconsin.

Ken teaches woodwind instruments (flute, saxophone, clarinet, oboe) and brass instruments (trumpet, trombone, french horn).