Authorized Lowrey Organ Dealer

As an authorized Lowrey Dealer, Knapton Musik Knotes' factory-trained personnel will ensure you receive the full benefits of being a Lowrey owner.  

Anyone Can Do It!

You don't have to be a pro to play a Lowrey organ!  If you have always wanted to learn to play music but didn't have the time or patience for piano lessons or endless practice lessons, then Lowrey organs are the perfect instrument for you! Lowrey’s unique Easy Play method allows even those who’ve never touched an instrument before to play their first song within minutes. With the Easy button, one finger on your left hand makes the sound of a full three-note chord!

Anyone who buys a Lowrey organ receives free, automatic enrollment in our Lowrey Magic Class. This revolutionary educational program is the number one “Learn-to-Play” course for adults in the U.S. And the classes have proven to be as much about the people as they are about music.  Students have made new friends and rekindled old friendships in their local Lowrey Magic Class!


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